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YNPN Storytelling Conference 2022

See below for the full schedule of our upcoming Storytelling Conference. New sessions are being added daily so check back frequently to learn more! All events will take place in the Grand View University Student Center

Pre-conference -

Keynote - Lauren Ready
8:10am - 9:00am

Break 1 & Interactive Stories - 9:00am - 9:10am

Break Out Session 1 
9:10 - 10:00

Break 2 & Interactive Stories
10:00 am - 10:10am

Break Out Sessions 2
10:10 am - 11:00 am

Break 3 & Interactive Stories
11:00 am - 11:10am

Panel Discussion and Closing
11:10 am - 12:00 pm

Light Breakfast - Meet and Greet

Telling the Untold Story - Lauren Ready

Location: Speed Lyceum - Student Center - Rm 103

Letting go of the script, inspiring humans, and an insatiable curiosity have led to powerful stories. So in this talk,  I walk you through how unexpected instances in my TV career and working with Forever Ready clients resulted in memorable moments. You’ll be challenged to look beyond the headline and ditch your marketing agenda. Instead, you’ll learn how to use what you have, imperfections and all, to tell a story that inspires people to DO something.

Brief recharging period and time to participate in our conference activity

Breakout sessions 1 


Break out 1 - Option 1

Telling Client Stories Ethically & Responsibly - Rachel Vogel Quinn

Location: Conference Room A/B - Rm 135/136

A story is always a gift. When a client entrusts you with their personal story, you have an obligation to tell it respectfully and responsibly. In the past, some nonprofits have used stories in a way that harms relationships with clients, reduces credibility, exploits the experiences of oppressed groups, reinforces harmful stereotypes, or misrepresents the truth. Now it’s more important than ever for our storytelling to be transparent, thoughtful, and empathetic.


In this session, we’ll explore best practices for collaborating with clients and discuss the ethical issues to consider during the storytelling process.


You’ll receive guidance from an experienced nonprofit storyteller on topics like:

●  How to decide whom to feature

●  How to conduct a respectful interview with the client

●  What to include in the story and what to leave out

●  When to change names or disguise identities

●  How to involve the client in the editing and approval process

●  How you can ensure that the client benefits from the story

You’ll come away from this session with ethical guidelines to consider and practical advice for all stages of the storytelling process.

Break out 1 - Option 2

Using Data to Tell Stories - Amal Barre & Jodi Long

Location: Speed Lyceum - Student Center - Rm 103

Sometimes nonprofits rely on anecdotes and personal stories to make a point, but what about using data to tell a bigger story? Data can highlight the needs in our community, demonstrate the impact of our organizations, and, when communicated effectively, can be a critical tool used in advocacy and fundraising. Join two local nonprofit experts who will share their experience collecting data, disseminating data, and effectively communicating insights. Case study experts include Amal Barre with unevictIA and Jodi Long with Count the Kicks.

Break out 1 - Option 3

The Art of Storytelling: Narrative Told through Image - Leah Waughtal-Magiera

Location: Conference Room C - Rm 137

We all carry stories within us. They shape our identity, they inform our beliefs and our choices. Most of all, when we listen and bear witness to other’s stories we create community. This workshop will utilize the tradition of spoken word poetry and oral narration as tools to explore both individual growth as well as the marketing power of good storytelling. Participants can expect to leave with a personal piece of writing and a new connection to those they shared their workshop time with.

Brief recharging period and time to participate in our conference activity

Break out sessions 2

Break out 2 - Option 1

Know your audience: How segmenting your stakeholders can increase your donations - Mackenzie Walters

Location: Speed Lyceum - Student Center - Rm 103

There are so many powerful stories of the difference nonprofits make in our community. But if you aren’t tailoring your message to specific stakeholders — specifically to funders, partners, and volunteers — you may be leaving donations on the table. Join Mackenzie Walters, a specialist in customer segmentation, for an interactive workshop that walk you through why segmentation is important and how you can start implementing it today.

Break out 2 - Option 2

Inspiring Impact Through Video for Nonprofits- Lauren Ready

Location: Conference Room A/B - Rm 135/136

We’re used to hearing the patient stories, the client impact stories, and the overly scripted brand stories. So what does it really take to create a video that moves people to take action? Get ready for moment-by-moment breakdowns from stories told through my video production studio, Forever Ready. In this talk, you’ll learn 5 ways to guarantee impactful moments, down to interview styles and who should (and shouldn't) be in the room.  But more importantly, you’ll feel inspired to tell stories in a refreshing new light.

Brief recharging period and time to participate in our conference activity

Panel: What’s Your Nonprofit Story? 

Location: Speed Lyceum - Student Center 103

We love to hear the stories of the people we work with and the people that inspire us. For this panel discussion, we’ll ask three local nonprofit leaders to share the ups and downs of their careers, what they’ve learned, how they’ve changed, and why the work matters. We’ll leave time at the end for audience members to ask questions too.


  • Zuli Garcia, Founder, Knock and Drop Iowa

  • Max Mowitz, One Iowa

  • Andrew Allen, YSS

  • Moderated by Taylor Thomas

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