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Did you know that YNPN Des Moines is an all-volunteer led organization dedicated to providing and promoting opportunities for the development of young professionals in the nonprofit sector?

Serving as a board member is a meaningful way to practice new professional skills, build incredible relationships, and support your fellow young nonprofit professionals in the sector.

Not sure this opportunity is for you? Reach out to us at and pick our brains! A current board member would be happy to share their experience and give insight into what being a board member is all about… via email or over a cup of coffee.  

YNPN Des Moines promotes an efficient, viable, and inclusive nonprofit sector that supports the growth, learning, and development of young professionals. We are a local group of young nonprofit professionals who meet to share experiences, resources and connections to advance the nonprofit field in Des Moines.

To complete your application, please fill out the google form by May 6, 2022.

“As a YNPN Des Moines board member, I feel like I’m surrounded by an army of smart, resilient young professionals with big ideas and a willingness to support each other. I have no doubt young professionals will continue to make our local nonprofit sector stronger.” - Clara Bergan, board member


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